6 Ways to Support a Vining House Plant

Are your house plant vines growing out of control, or are your stems leaning? Perhaps it's time to look at giving them some extra support? If you're looking for something other than chopsticks or plastic forks, check out our bestselling Copper and Steel Plant Stick designs which will offer an aesthetic, modern support for your vining house plants and hoyas.

1. Copper Serpent Plant Stick or Steel Serpent Plant Stick:
This unique curvy design was one of the first designs we created. We wanted something that supporting a vine but also had a curve to it, so you could hook the vines in the curves. We used this initially for a Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma and once it got too long for the 11" Stick, we created an 18" Serpent to better support it.



2. Copper Swizzle Plant Stick or Steel Swizzle Plant Stick:
This design was created for leaning stems, as it has a "cradle" or u-shaped space for the stem to lean into. Depending on how to angle the stick in your medium, you can help it to be more upright. This is great for new Monstera Deliciosa plants that have smaller stems, or Alocasias, Pedatums, Orchids, or anything with a leaning stem that needs help standing more upright. The Swizzle Plant Stick is also available as an 18" Swizzle Plant Stick.


3. Copper Spiral Plant Stick or Steel Spiral Plant Stick:
This unique coiled design is great with vining plants with vines that can be curled around the spiral stick. Great with Hoya vines such as Krimson Princess, Hoya Australis or Hoya Carnosa. Also good for pothos or heartleaf philodendrons. The Spiral is also available as an 18" Spiral Plant Stick.


4. Copper Tree Plant Stick or Steel Tree Plant Stick:
This design is wider at the bottom and becomes more narrow towards the top giving it a look of a tree. This is useful for plants that have more vines but one 1 or 2 that are longer, so you can support more than one vine with this stick. 



5. Copper Hairpin Plant Stick or Steel Hairpin Plant Stick:
This design was one of our earlier designs and is part of our Set of 3 which also includes a Serpent and a Swizzle. The Hairpin is 9" tall, making it great for smaller plants that are just starting out. This is also perfect to give as a gift if you're giving a smaller plant and want to add something to it. This design is also available as a 16" Hairpin Plant Stick.


6. Copper Twirl and Whirl Plant Sticks, or Steel Whirl and Twirl Plant Sticks:
These whimsical plant sticks are one of our more recent designs and are favorites to support hoyas, pothos, or any plant that needs support but you also want to add a statement piece to it. The Whirl Plant Stick is like a whirlpool, where it's larger at the top and narrows as you move down to the stake. The Twirl Plant Stick looks like a dress that's twirling around, or a tree, and is similar to a ore traditional topiary shape. Used together or separate, these whimsical plant sticks will add an element of functional design to your plants.