What is a Plant Trellis and why does my House Plant need a Plant Trellis or a Plant Stick?

Why does my Indoor Plant need a Plant Trellis or a Plant Stick?

First let's start by answering...

What is a House Plant Trellis?

A House Plant Trellis is a structure that provides support for vining and climbing plants. The purpose is to provide support for flowering and vining stems so they can grow longer and more full. A Plant Trellis typically has more than one "leg" and can come in different shapes, such as a circle, hexagon, or arch, so it provides a wider structure for a plant with multiple vines to climb and grow around.

What is a Plant Stick?

A Plant Stick is a single stemmed stake that also provides support to vining plants. The more narrow shape of a Plant Stick allows you to support just 1 or 2 vines and leave others trailing, so the plant has a more full shape. The smaller width also allow you to use multiple Plant Sticks in one pot, which gives the plant a unique aesthetic look while providing it with functional support.

A Plant Stick can also be use to support a leaning plant stem such as a monstera, alocasia, pedatum or orchid. Our Plant Stick designs such as the Swizzle or Curl Plant Sticks are great options for this type of straight stemmed plant.

Why does my Indoor Plant need a Trellis or Plant Stick?

Many of the plants we keep indoors are tropical plants that naturally grow on other trees in the wild, so when you provide your indoor plants with a Plant Trellis or a Plant Stick, you can improve their growth.

A Plant Trellis or Plant Stick will support the stems, and allows air to circulate around the leaves of the plant, which can encourage new growth. Hoyas in particular love being supported by a trellis or plant stick, as it allows their vines to grow around the structure and produce new growth points.

Why Trellis Your Hoyas and House Plants?

  • Train your plants to climb a unique support
  • Vining plants love support
  • Your leaves will mature, and plants will stand up straight
  • Transform your plant into a piece of art

Why choose a Plant Trellis or Plant Stick from On Ya Garden?

Our Plant Trellises and Plant Sticks are handcrafted out of spun galvanized steel wire, or spun or hammered copper wire. This added skill gives the support more strength to support your plant. As with any metal, it may develop a tarnish over time but this can be easily cleaned off with vinegar and a cotton ball if you prefer.

Our unique designs provide both beauty and function, and will enhance your home's natural decor while providing support for your plant's growth.

Our Plant Trellises come in a variety of shapes, such as:

Our unique Plant Sticks are available in a number of styles, including:

We make each item by hand in North Carolina, so when you shop with us, you know you are supporting a small business. We take time to ensure each finished piece is a quality work of art, and our hundreds of 5 Star Reviews from our customers on Etsy and our website will show that.