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On Ya Garden - Handcrafted Accessories for your Indoor and Outdoor Plants

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On Ya Garden is our small business where we create handcrafted accessories for house plants and hoyas. This includes our Copper and Steel Wire Plant Trellises and Plant Sticks, and our Modern No-Tail Macrame Plant Hangers. We also offer our bestselling Plant Care Journal which will help with keeping your plant collection organized! Additionally, we offer Plant T-Shirts and Hoodies, Plant MugsHand-lettered Plant Labels, and more!

We are an Australian-American family, based in North Carolina. We are big fans of house plants, the outdoors, gardening, DIY projects, travelling, and funny puns. We started our business in the summer of 2020 after making trellises, plant sticks and macrame hangers for our own plants. Once we saw how useful and supportive they were for our plants, we decided to offer the products to others and On Ya Garden was born!

Where did our business name On Ya Garden come from? It's a play on the Aussie phrase, "Good on ya" which essentially means "Good for you" or "Good job". We make accessories that are good for your plants as plant supports help your plant thrive and grow. Our products go "on ya garden" so that's where the name came from! :)

Keep Growing!
- Becky & Paul